Library Rules:

  1. Membership
  2. Loan privileges
  3. Overdue charges and Fines
  4. Loss of Books or Journals
  5. Damage of Books
  6. No-Dues Certificate
  7. Discipline within the Library Premises and other Guidelines

The following are entitled for membership:

  • Students of the University
  • Teachers of the University
  • M. Phil. /Ph.D. students of the University
  • Other employees of the University

Those who intend to use the library facilities are required to register themselves as members of the Library by filling the membership card.The card must be recommended by the Chairperson of the Department or the Branch Officer.

Loan Privileges:-
Borrower's Validity, Entitlement & Loan Period:-

Sr. No. Catagory Validity No. of Books Loan Period
01. Faculty members and Statutory Officers of the University Up to the age of superannuation 9 180 days
02. Non-Teaching Employees of the University Up to the age of superannuation 4 60 days
03. Ph.D. Students of the University / Technical staff involved in teaching* Three Years 7 30 days
04. Pre Ph. D. Students* 6 months 4 30 days
05. Students of the University* 30th June of the final year of the course 4 14 days
06. Guest Faculty* Up to the period of appointment 7 30 days
07. Teachers appointed on Contract Basis* Up to the period of appointment 7 30 days
08. Project Fellow* Two years 7 30 days

Bound journals and non-print materials (audio, visuals, CD's etc.) shall be issued overnight only to Teachers/Officers of GJUS&T, Hisar with the permission of the Univesity Librarian. Reference books are not to be issued.
The committee decided that library membership shall be given to be the Pre. Ph.D students for six months only and a caution money of Rs. 2000/- shall be applicable at the time of admission.

*The Validity of Library Card shall be extended on the recommendation of the concerned Chairperson, if required? No book shall be loaned againest invalid Library Identity Card.
Book Bank Facility:-

Sr. No. Catagory Entitlement of Borrowing Books Loan Period
01. SC/ST Students 4 books 15th January for odd semester and 30th June for even semester
02. Rest of the Catagories 2 books

Reservation of Books:
A book on loan can be reserved for a member on his/her formal request. Intimation shall normally be sent to the member when the book is received in the Library. The member shall collect the book within five days from the date of issue of intimation, failing which the reservation will be cancelled and the book will be available for normal circulation.

Re-Issue and Re-Call of Books:
Books shall not be re-issued to the same borrower, if any other Library user has reserved them. Books can be recalled at any time without assigning any reason. Failure to return them will entail usual overdue charges from the date of recall.

Loss of Library Identity Card:
Members shall be responsible for the loss and misuse of Library Card. A member who loses a Library Identity Card shall make a written report to the University Librarian. He/she shall be charged Rs.100/- for the Library card to recover the loss and shall be issued a duplicate Library Card after two weeks from the date of report. Nevertheless, the cardholder shall be responsible for any misuse of the lost Library Card.

Overdue charges and Fines:-
All the books on loan shall be returned on or before the due-date marked on the Due-Date-Slip pasted in the book, failing which overdue charges shall be realized from the student members. Repeated violation of this rule by the member, may lead to suspension or withdrawal of the membership.

The overdue charges are as follows:
General Books:- Minimum of Rs.1/- per book per day of overdue shall be charged.
The University Librarian may remit the over-due charges subject to a maximum of Rs.500/- in genuine cases. Requests for remittance of overdue charges exceeding Rs. 500/- shall be referred to the Vice-Chancellor.

Loss of Books or Journals:-
A book lost by the member shall be replaced with the latest edition or, the borrower will pay the current price of the book. In case the current price of the book cannot be verified from any standard bibliographic source, then the recorded price of the book shall be payable. The Indian edition shall be replaced by the Indian edition and the foreign by the foreign edition. If the foreign edition is replaced with the Indian edition, the same may be accepted but the difference in the cost of original edition and the current price of the Indian edition shall be realized. The exchange rate applicable in all cases shall be the current conversion rate of any Nationalized Bank /RBI/ Published in The Economics Times(T.T. Selling).
Multi-Volume Publications:-
If a volume of multi-volume publication is lost, the member may be allowed to replace the lost volume(s) of the same edition. In case the volume is not available in the market the member shall be charged the current price of the set. If the later edition is available in the market, the entire set of new edition may be accepted as replacement or the cost thereof may be charged.
Bound Books & Journals:
In the event of loss of bound books & journals, binding and processing charges (Rs. 100/- towards binding cost & Rs. 25/- as processing charges) shall be realized in addition to the cost of the book as per library rule 6.1. These changes may be reviewed by the Library Committee from time to time, keeping in view the actual binding cost.
Journal Issues:
In case a journal issue is lost, the member will have to replace the same, failing which the cost of the complete volume shall be payable.

No-Dues Certificate:-
Before commencement of final year/semester examination or terminating connection with the university in mid-session for any reason, every member has to return the library identity card and clear all dues, if any and obtain a No-Dues Certificate. Research students will obtain No-Dues Certificate from the library before the submission of dissertation/theses. No office or department shall issue a "No Dues Certificate" to teachers including Teaching Associate and guest faculty/non-teaching staff/students/project fellows/Research Scholars without obtaining a "No Dudes Certificate" from the University Library.
Final payment of the teachers (on contract)/project fellow/Research Scholars (JRF/having any scholar) shall be released by the Chairperson of the concerned department after issue of "No Dudes Certificate" from University Library. The same shall be certified by the Chairperson on membership card.

Discipline within the Library Premises and other Guidelines:-

  • All the members are required to maintain proper discipline in the library premises, and observe library rules.
  • Silence shall be observed in the Library.
  • Users found talking loudly, shouting or quarrelling or including in eve-teasing or any other act of indiscipline shall be liable to punishment as per University Rules.
  • Smoking/Spitting is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • Damage to the Library property may lead to withdrawal of library privileges. In serious cases heavy fine and other disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Only light writing material shall be allowed inside the Library, Personal books, issued library books not meant for return, files, rain-coats, umbrella etc. shall be kept at the Property Counter at Reader's own risk and responsibility. However, locker facilities are available for a limited number of users at a time.
  • In the 13th meeting, the Library Committee approved to constitute a board as follows to punish the student found red handed stealing the book / library material.
  • 1. Librarian                            Chairman
    2. Chairperson of the concerned department              Member
    3. Dean of the concerned faculty                    Member
  • The University Librarian shall be competent to impose any one or more of the following penalties, if any act of indiscipline:
  • 1.Warning
    3.Temporary or permanent withdrawal of library facilities or cancellation of membership.

Admission to the Library:-
Only registered members shall be permitted admission to the Library. He/she must produce his/her Identity Card at the entrance of the Library, failing which admission may be refused. However, non-members shall be allowed admission only with special permission of the University Librarian. Any member who would like to use the Library shall enter his/her name in Visitor's Register maintained at the Library gate & shall keep his/her personal books and other belongings in the locker provided at the Property Counter. The University Librarian reserves the right to refuse entry to any unauthorized or undesirable person and send the visitor out of the Library.

Damage to Books:-

  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book before borrowing. They shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return of book(s).
  • The University Librarian shall be competent to impose any of the following penalties if any member is found guilty of damaging/mutilating/disfiguring a book or any other reading material:
    • To realize the current cost of the book(s), binding cost and processing charges as applicable and or fine.
    • To realize at least double the current price of the journal or other non-print material and/or fine if mutilated or damaged in any other form.

Access to Books:-
The University Library follows an "Open Access System". The members shall have the privilege of free access to stack areas. It is mandatory for all the library users to get the belongings checked at the gate before leaving the Library.

Photocopy Services and Facilities:-
The Library provides photocopy services to members through private vendor for academic literature only i.e. books, journals and other reading material, subject to copyright laws at the rates approved by the University.

Library Assistance and Inter Library Loans:-
Members shall be free to seek the assistance of Library Staff in the selection of books and reading material, consultation of library, literature search, etc. The books, other reading material, not available in the library, may be procured on loan from other libraries. Requisitions should be submitted on the prescribed Inter Library Loan Card.

Stock Verification:-
Physical Verification of Library books: Stock Verification of the reading material shall be undertaken as per the Govt. of India norms. Complete physical verification of books should be done every year in case of libraries having not more than 20,000 volumes. For libraries having more than 20,000 volumes and up to 50,000 volumes, such verfication should be done at least once in three years. Sample physical verification at intervals of not more than three years should be done in case of libraries having more than 50,000 volumes. In case such verification reveals unusal or unreasonable shortage, complete verification shall be done.
Loss of five volumes per thousand volumes of books issued/consulted in a year may be taken as reasonable provided such losses are not attributable to dishonesty or negligence. However, loss of book of a value exceeding Rs. 1000/-(Rs. One thousand only) and rare books irrespective of value shall invariably be investigated and appropriate action be taken.
Librarian/Library Incharge (Person holding the charge of the Library irrespective of his/her designation) alone should not be held reponsible for the losses, unless it is attributed to dishonesty and gross negligence on his or her part.
Declaring Lost: A Publication may be considered as lost only when it is found missing in two sucessive stock verification and only thereafter action be taken to write off the publications by the competent authority

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