Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN)

The Budget Template under GIAN

The tentative budget outlines are as under:

S. No. Description of budgetary head per Course Amount (INR)
1. International Expert Air Fare 2,00,000
2. Honorarium to Expert 2,00,000 *
3. Lecture Notes/video-learning material preparation 50,000
4. Contingency 50,000
5. Video recording expenses 25,000
6. Miscellaneous expenditure 25,000
7. Host Faculty Honorarium 30,000
8. Coordinator Honorarium 20,000
(Item 1 to Item 6 should not exceed 8000 or 12000 USD)
GRAND TOTAL 6,50,000**
*The honorariumis for two weeks course, the actual honorarium to be paid to theinvited expert is subject to the maximum of approved amount by the Funding Agency.
**Actual cost could be lower or marginally higher depending on specific proposal. The participants have to bear the food and lodging expense during their stay in the host Institute. Honorarium to host faculty and local coordinator should be paid from the earning for the subject through fee collection.
Note: A lump-sum amount of upto US$ 8000 for 12 to 14 hours of contact and upto US$ 12000 for 20 to 28 hours of contact can be paid to the foreign experts covering their travel and honorarium. Local hospitality will be arranged by the Host Institution. The duration (number of weeks/days) can be mutually decided by the host institution and the visiting faculty.