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The department offers a 2-years course of M.Sc. Psychology. In recent years Psychology has emerged as one of the most important and leading discipline and is expanding its horizon rapidly. Diversified challenges and opportunities in the emerging world have caused a new shift in the field of Psychology which is full of promises and ample possibilities for exploration and innovation to better understand the mind-body, society-culture, interpersonal and intra personal transactions with the help of scientific methodology and training. M.Sc. Psychology is a Master's degree programme of professional nature oriented towards opening the new vistas of career in diverse fields.

Courses Offered:

M.Sc. Psychology Duration : 4 Semester

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OBJECTIVE : M.Sc. Psychology is a master's degree programme of professional nature. The course has been structured for the direct application of psychology in various fields. It opens new vistas of career in specialized fields like Hospitals, Clinics, Jails, Mental Hospitals, Advertisement Units, Detective Agencies, Women and Child Development Organizations and various Social Welfare Organisations. The course offers specializations in Clinical Psychology, Industrial/ Organisational Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Health Psychology, Child Psychology, Guidance and Counselling, Psychological Testing, Neuro Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. The course is highly job-oriented.

P.G. Diploma in Guidance & Counseling

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Department offers Post-Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counseling with prime objective to impart practical skills for management of psychologcal and behavioral disorders to students. This diploma is highly in demand and definately increase the job prospectus and employment in psychology discipline.

P.G. Diploma in Counseling and Behavior Modification (Distance Mode)

This diploma course is highly specialised, and job oriented. The course contains the theory and methods of application of Psychological Principles in counseling and behaviour modification.