HSB Research Review

Sr. No. Title of Research Papers
1. Front- Back Pages (Jan-June & July-Dec 2010) View
2. Information Systems in Banking Sector in Kazakhstan View
3. Technical Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India View
4. Fitness of Cost of Carry Model in the Indian Equity Futures Market View
5. Behavioural Impact of TV Advertisements on Teenagers An Empirical Study of Haryana View
6. Univariate Time Series Forecasting of Monthly Peak Demand of Electricity in Haryana View
7. An Empirical Analysis of Special Industrial Incentive Package and Infrastructural Facilities in Himachal Pradesh View
8. Performance Appraisal of University Faculty in India A Study of Academia Readiness to Student Evaluation of Teachers (SET) View
9. Governance and the Firm Performance Empirical Evidences from the Indian Corporate Sector View
10. Recent Facets of Consumer Behaviour in Haryana A Case of Rural Market View
11. Fruits and Vegetables Processing in India View
12. Expat Managers Find it Difficult to Communicate with Their Indian Counterparts View
13. Boards at Work How Corporate Boards Create Competitive Advantage By Ram Charan View