• * The Registrar shall be appointed by the Chancellor on the advice of the Government.
  • The Registrar shall be Chief Administrative Officer of the University. He shall work directly under the superintendence, direction and control of the Vice-Chancellor.

Powers and duties of the Registrar :

  • ** Deleted
  • The Registrar shall be ex officio Secretary of the Executive Council and Faculties but shall not be deemed to be a member of any of these authorities, and shall be ex officio Member Secretary of the Court and the Academic Council.
  • *** When the Office of the Registrar is vacant or when the Registrar is by reason of illness, or any other cause unable to perform the duties of his office, the duties of the office shall be performed by such person as the Vice-Chancellor may appoint temporary for the purpose till regular appointment is made by the Chancellor on the Advice of the Government.
  • It shall be the duty of the Registrar-
    • to be the custodian of the records, common seal and such other property of the University as the Vice-Chancellor shall commit to his charge;
    • to issue all notices convening meetings of the Court, the Executive Council, the Academic Council, the Faculties and any Committee appointed by any autho